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Stansted Meet and Greet

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Stansted Meet & Greet- Non Flexible
SMG Value Meet & Greet
Easy Parking Meet and Greet
Easy Parking Meet and Greet Saver Stansted
Stansted Meet & Greet- Flexible

Stansted Park and Ride

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Smart Park and Ride Non- Flexible
Smart Park and Ride Flexible
Peak Park and Ride

Stansted Park & Ride


Get Best Prices at Stansted Park Ride

Experience the best price and outstanding assistance with our Stansted Park and ride services. Our secure parking is near to the main terminal and is a safe and comfortable place to leave your car than on the road. Better yet, our shuttle service works on-demand as well as o for free, unlike other companies at Stansted who plan their shuttle services. Find out more about our Park & ​​Ride car parking service at the airport.

How does it work?

Leave your car in front of the check-in desk at the arrival point indicated. Park your car in the designated parking lot and wait for the free shuttle bus. Of course, you have to wait until the bus is full, but the total waiting time is no more than 20 minutes. The bus then goes to the north and south terminals. Depending on the terminal that you fly, the support staff will guide you to the terminal that you have specified.

On your way back from the airport, wait for the transfer bus at the bus stop. The bus will take you to the parking lot in 10-20 minutes. You get off at a certain dropping point and go to the nearest car.

However, we always recommend spending more time, especially before departure, only if there is a traffic delay. This service is the cheapest way to park your car at the airport. It is not as comfortable as some other parking options, but it is an unbeatable value for money!

How to book park and ride at Stansted airport:

Visit our website and select the airport from where you will be traveling, and select the day, and time of your flight, it is very straightforward to use. You can compare prices of different operators providing park and ride at Stansted airport. Select a parking lot according to your budget. We will send you a confirmation email after completing the booking form.

Choosing the parking lot of your choice at Stansted cannot be simple and bus transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal running quickly and regularly.  Different parking spaces have slightly different transfer times, but only take a few minutes, so you have plenty of time to check-in and fly.


Our first-class service is the best combination of airport parking with the convenience of Park and ride service. With Park & ​​Ride services, you can park your car with a choice of having your car keys. A free bus takes you from the parking lot to the terminal. When you arrive at the airport, you can use the same free shuttle service to the parking lot.

For support and information related to the park and ride car parking services contact our customer support.