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What is a data controller? This term is used to define the purpose and means of the processing of personal data. In this scenario controllers can make decisions about all the processing activities. TAP is registered and its registration number is 12666271. In this document words like “us”, “we” and “our '' refer to the TAP. Our Partner’s data will only be shared in order to get requested services. Our partners can also be taking a role as controllers. You can have detailed  information about how our partners are processing data then you must read private policy on Partners website.

TAP will make sure that your given data and information will be secured. We will not use your personal information with anyone because we know how important it could be for you. We respect your decisions by safeguarding all your information from others.

We are only processing  your personal information so that it can make purchasing and communication processes easy in future.


There are some basic rights that are given by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We have mentioned these rights below with description so that you can understand exactly what all these rights mean. If you want to exercise all rights, you can contact us anytime on will acknowledge your email with in three working days and we assure you  that with in twenty-eight days we will give you all relevant information that will be necessary to handle your request.

Right to Access:
You will have all rights to access your personal information that you have provided us. This will give you a right to be aware of where and how we are using your information. You can ask about your subject access and we will provide you with all information in twenty- eight days.
By this right, you can ask us about

  1. Why and how are we processing your data?
  2. What are the categories of your personal data involved?
  3. Who can see your data
  4. How long will we share your data?

Right to rectify:
This will give you a right that you can change or modify any data that is provided to us by your side if you feel that it is inaccurate. We will be actively looking for any email that includes the rectification of data because we know that wrong information can be a great threat to your privacy.

Right to Erasure:
You will have the right to ask the data controller to erase your personal information from the system once you feel that your provided data is no longer necessary for the process. TAP automatically erase all the information when the retention period has lapsed.

Rights to Restrict Processing:
If you think that your provided information will create any distress or any substantial damage. You will have a right to stop us temporarily or permanently from processing. Our team will respect your decision of restriction. If you want us to erase all your information from our system, you have to send us an email separately for that request.

Right to Data Portability:
You will have a right to use your information with another controller that you have also shared with us. You can easily copy or transfer your information from one system to another and all this will be done in a safe way.

Right to Object:
You will have a right to object to us for processing using your personal information for profiling. You can use this right anytime you want, whether at the start or at the time we already have collected your information. You can contact our Data Protection Officer whose address is mentioned at the end of this document. You can also use this right by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” button.

Right to withdraw:
TAP will give you a right that you can withdraw from your consent anytime you want. The only thing that you need to do is to contact our Data Protection Officer or you can simply click on the “unsubscribe” button in any marketing email if you want to withdraw consent related to marketing.

Right to Complain:
We will give all rights that if you feel that we are using your information for the wrong purpose or not fully utilizing it, you can file a complaint. You can also contact our Data Protection Officer and we assure you that your complaint will be resolved in twenty-two days.


In this document, we have listed all the ways which clearly show how we are going to use your personal data. If we are getting information from someone from your side then we will assume that they have given you consent to share their personal information with us. It will be best for everyone if they should also study this document. 


We have taken your personal information so we can provide you with our services efficiently. This also includes all the information that you give us when you visit our website. If you wish to see what data we collected from you for booking then you have to click on “MyAccount” and all information will be displayed.

Our priority is to provide you with the best services that can meet your standards and this part of the document will explain how we will use your data or how we can communicate with each other.

Booking Confirmation

Whenever you will book anything from our website we will send you a confirmation email or we will communicate with you via SMS. With all these emails you can keep track of your booking. This is a part of our services and when you are accepting our privacy policy, you are also accepting to receive all these communications. 

How will you get updates from TAP?

When you will show your consent to receive this type of communication from our side then only we will send you updates.
Updates can be in these forms.

  1. Via Email
  2. We will update you about your booking.
  3. What new launches are for you
  4. We will also give updates on our reward program
  5. What could be the new opportunities for you in a market?

If you don't feel like receiving all these emails from our side, you can let us know about the feedback form or you can easily unsubscribe.


We are only responsible for our website and this document is only applicable for this website. If we have to contact other websites in order to get standard results, we will only connect with websites that maintain the same privacy standards as ours but still, we will not be responsible for them. If you get connected with another website, we advise you to please read their privacy policy carefully and contact them if you have any queries.

Our customers are our first priority!

You can contact us on our email It will be great if you can write your query with your full name, email and don't forget to mention your booking reference when contacting us.