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Gatwick Park and Ride

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Park And Ride Gatwick Airport


Park & ​​Ride Gatwick Airport is the right choice for vacationists who need safe, comfortable and low-priced car parking. At Park and Ride, park your car in one of the authorised parking lots and catch a bus transfer to the terminal.

Going from the airport parking lot to the terminal can be a horror for starting your journey. From here our Park & ​​Ride Gatwick Airport originates. All you have to do is park your car in one of our registered parking lots with Pink Elephant, register and take one of our buses.

The bus service takes you and your heavy baggage to the terminal entrance. The same thing applies to the trip home. As soon as you knock, a bus waits to take you back to the car.

Why Park and Ride at Gatwick Airport

  • The trustworthy and affordable price tag
  • Park Mark and secure parking lots
  • The staff is always there for you to assist you
  • Transfer bus is fast and reliable 
  • Services are approved by the operator in Gatwick
  • Easy pickup and parking

Our first-class service is just the best blend of airport parking with the comfortability of park and ride service. Park and Ride service lets you park your car with a choice of keeping keys, and a free shuttle bus will take you from the car park to the terminal. When you reach the airport, take the same free shuttle service to the parking lot.


How does Park & ​​Ride at Gatwick Airport work? 

Park your car in front of the check-in counter in the designated arrival area. Park your car in the specific parking lot and wait for the free transfer bus. Of course, you have to wait until the bus is full, but the total waiting time is no more than 20 minutes. The bus then goes to the north and south terminals. Depending on which terminal you are flying, it will drop you in front of your assigned terminal.

On the way back from the airport, you will wait for the transfer bus at the stop. The bus will take you to the parking lot in 10-20 minutes. You get off at specific drop-off points and go to your car, which is available nearby.

The checkout process is fast - only a few minutes and you can go to the terminal in 2/3 minutes. They will take photos of your car from all sides to determine the condition of your vehicle when you arrive at the parking lot. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes, and you are at the terminal! Leave the key to the operator.

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