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Manchester Meet and Greet

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Meet & Greet Manchester Non - Flexible
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LCS Meet & Greet
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Meet And Greet Manchester Airport parking services


With Meet and greet Manchester airport Parking, we do all the work for you so you can start your vacation a little faster. Just arrived drive to the bay and we will do the rest. Our friendly and qualified Meet & Greet drivers are fully insured and park your car in a secure parking area near to the airport. So you can travel calmly.

After parking your car, check-in only takes three minutes - the perfect option if you have huge luggage, travel with children or have a disability. The driver will park your car in the Manchester Airport parking lot with CCTV surveillance, security lights and fences so you can make sure your vehicle is safe.

When you drive through the Meet & Greet car park at Manchester Airport, the cameras also record the current status of your vehicle, so you can be sure that the car is in the same condition on receiving day.

Our car parks meet the highest UK Trade Standards and Parking Association standards. When choosing an airport parking space, we always recommend that you check and compare the prices set by the company before handing over the keys.

Meet and greet at Manchester Airport T1, T2 and T3 available to everyone. Of course, there are additional costs for certain types of parking, but we are sure that a small increase will pay for speed, convenience and stress-free parking.

Are you travelling with a family? Avoid the fear of getting up early, driving to an unknown parking lot, and overcoming a shuttle bus full of bags, and overly excited children by driving directly to the terminal.

Meet and greet can also help when travelling people with mobility problems because you are it can drop you right in front of the terminal. With this airport parking lot, the journey is very peaceful for everyone.

Benefits of Meet and Greet Manchester airport:

At its peak, parking space can become a commodity. However, if you book a Meet and Greet at Manchester airport and don't need to worry, your place is guaranteed.

A Meet & Greet Manchester has the added advantage of having it.

  • Complete security for travellers, single or in group
  • Don't wait for bus transfers with heavy bags or children
  • Ideal for passengers with mobility problem
  • Secure parking at affordable prices


How does it work?

  • After entering, you will pass through our sophisticated inspection area, where the conditions of your vehicle will scan automatically, and you will receive support when you return when you leave.
  • One of our highly qualified drivers will direct your car to an official and safe parking lot near the airport
  • Your vehicle will securely wait in nearby parking space when you arrive.