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Multiple Airport Parking Choices on All Major UK Airports

Heathrow Meet and Greet

Car Park Logo Customer Rating Awards Estimated Price (8 days)
Terminal Parking Meet & Greet
Star Parking Heathrow T2,T3 & T5 only.
Skylink Meet & Greet

Heathrow Park and Ride

Car Park Logo Customer Rating Awards Estimated Price (8 days)
AirParker Park & Ride T2,3 & 5.
Heathrow Park & Ride T2,3 & T5 only
Heathrow Park & Ride T4 only
AirParker Park and Ride- T4

Heathrow Airport Parking


Best Deals at Heathrow Airport Parking

Heathrow airport is located near to the world's busiest city London. To reach the airport on time, use our car parking booking services through which you can easily book parking for your car anytime round the clock. Heathrow Airport Car Parking is divided into 3 major categories.

Heathrow meet and greet airport parking

Heathrow meet and greet car parking  in heathrow airport will provide you with the facility of your own chauffeur. The service works as simply as it sounds. All you have to do is book this service, and you will get a fully insured chauffeur who will take over your vehicle at the airport and parks it on your behalf.

Pick your car from the parking lot when you are back from your journey.

Heathrow Airport Park and Ride Service

Not comfortable in sharing your car keys with anyone else? Don’t worry, you can book the Park & Ride car parking. With Heathrow park and ride service, park your car at your own and get back to the terminal by the free shuttle bus service. Your car will be parked here till you are back from your journey.

Heathrow Airport on Airport Parking

Airport Travel Plus is also working with those parking lot operators who are offering a parking space within the airport premises. The advantage of parking your car at the airport is that you can reach the terminal by covering a walking distance. Usually, the terminal can be approached from the parking lot within 1 to 2 minutes.

Airport Overview

Heathrow airport has 5 terminals and the airport is serving thousands of passengers on a daily basis. The best way to approach the airport is through M4 motorway at junction 4 or M 25 at junction 14.

If you are travelling to Heathrow from Terminal 5, you can book the Long Stay car parking. You can also avail the advantage of the cheaper rates and a special meet and greet parking offers at Heathrow airport Terminal 2 by pre-booking our offers.  Airport Travel Plus is working with only trusted parking lot operators in order to provide cheap price comparison list and guaranteed spaces.

Airport Guide and Direction

Heathrow International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK and it is serving 180+ cities all over the world. Heathrow Parking airport has 5 terminals as well as two runways. Since it is handling more than 200,000 passengers every day, it is the third busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic.

Direction to Airport

Heathrow International Airport has 5 terminals named as T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5. All the terminals are assessable from M4 & M25 Motorways. Here’s how you can access the airport terminals.

Direction for Terminal 1, 2, 3

If you are travelling towards terminal 1, 2 or 3, exit M4 at junction 4 or the M25 at junction 15 which will lead you to your destination.

Direction for Terminal 4

If you are travelling for the terminal number 4, exit M4 at junction 4A and follow the M25 South to junction 14. Follow the signboards further to reach your destination.

Direction for Terminal 5

If you are looking direction for terminal number 5, exit M4 at 4A and follow the M25 South to junction 14. Follow the signboards further to reach your destination.

Airport Facilities

Heathrow is offering a number of facilities to its passengers including ATMs machines, Food and drinks, Fast Food, Helping desks, free internet, currency exchange services, first aid services and other such facilities. Here’s the list of the services you can avail at Heathrow airport.

  • Business services
  • Car hire
  • Bag wrapping
  • Heathrow airport valet parking
  • Cash machines
  • Chauffeur service
  • Disabled access
  • Family facilities
  • Fast-track travel
  • Cafés
  • Information points
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Group travel facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Trolleys
  • Toilets and showers
  • VIP service
  • Inter-Terminal transport
  • Left baggage
  • Lost property
  • Lounges
  • Spa facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking facilities
  • Phone and laptop charging
  • Medical help and emergencies
  • Porters
  • Postal service
  • Prayer rooms and chapel
  • Shopping
  • High-street brands
  • Luxury goods
  • Convenience stores

Things to do at

There are a lot of things you can do at Heathrow to enjoy your spare time. You can experience local food, use the spa at the airport, take a massage and a shower, enjoy free drinks, etc. Here’s the list of the things you can do to enjoy your additional time.


Heathrow International Airport is hosting millions of visitors every year. For its passengers, the airport is offering a variety of international food chains. It is home to many international restaurants. Enjoy their dinner buffet, special breakfast menu and other special dishes.

Start your journey shining

The airport is also offering the service to get your shoes to polish before entering the flight. Get your shoe polish as well as it can be repaired from the airport.


Your holiday starts before your flight

Start enjoying your holiday before you even start your journey. Enjoy their massage services for relaxation as well as mani-pedi which can help you to kick in your holiday spirit. If you want to get rid of all your tiresome, take a shower at the airport lounge and start your journey in a fresh mood.

Explore new culture

Heathrow is a home for many cultures as people from all over the world travel from there. You can meet new people and try to find out new things about their culture.