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Edinburgh Park and Ride

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Edinburgh Park & Ride Flexible

Edinburgh Terminal Parking   

Travel airport plus provides hassle free parking at each Edinburgh terminal parking. Edinburgh airport is the busiest airport in Scotland and has 1 main terminal and 1 runway but sometimes runway also work as terminal and we called it terminal 2. Edinburgh terminal 1 parking, Edinburgh terminal 2 parking. We provide the best parking services at each airport. We work with experienced operators and have tons of experience in the Edinburgh airport parking field. Travel airport plus aim is to help you to find the best parking option for your vehicle. We work on three main principles convenience, security, cost-effectiveness. 

Before starting your journey take enough time to decide which parking suits your requirements. Although we provide extraordinary services at all Edinburgh terminals. We put a massive emphasis on our customer service we will do our best to resolve all your issues. Travel airport plus moves a step further to ensure that our customers experience our high-quality services. We will endeavour to do anything that helps our customers to answer the concerns they may have.

Feel free to contact travel airport plus for any questions or queries. At Edinburgh airport, some Edinburgh terminal parking is close to the airport. So you don’t need to involve in hustle and bustle of the shuttle bus. Terminal parkings are expensive because they are close to the airport. Meet and greet parking is also expensive parking because it is close to the airport. The most expensive parking service we offer is onsite parking or official parking because it is in the basement of the airport. But don’t need to worry we offer discounts on pre-bookings.

Edinburgh terminal 1 parking      

Edinburgh terminal 1 parking is the busiest terminal because it is close to the airport and most of the passengers try to book parking at Edinburgh terminal 1. Closeness increases the parking rate but we offer this service at lower rates. For more convenient and hassle-free parking book Edinburgh terminal 1 parking. You can check your terminal number from your booking confirmation email. Every detail regarding your booking will be mentioned in the email. Flight time, departure and arrival time, gate number everything will be written. So don’t worry about the booking process it is also very simple.

Parking at Edinburgh terminal 2    

Parking at Edinburgh terminal 2 is also convenient and hassle-free parking. Best parking services are provided there. Security fences are placed in to keep check and balance of everything.CCTV cameras monitor and record everything. You drive you ar from sheltered area and cameras record the current condition of the vehicle. The recorded information will save in our database to ensure that the vehicle condition must be the same at the departure time. We care and respect our customers. At travel airport plus we value the trust you place in us to take care of your car, so we perform spot checks to ensure that our standards are met. Parking at Edinburgh terminal 2 helps in saving your money. 

Advantages of Prebooking  

Advance booking at Edinburgh terminal 1 parking helps you to get discounts and parking services at cheaper rates. You don’t face disappointments in advance booking because sometimes space is not available at that time. Getting parking at Edinburgh terminal 1 parking is very difficult because it is the busiest terminal.

Steps to book parking at Edinburgh airport

You need to follow simple steps while booking with travel airport plus.

  1. Go to the top of this page website
  2. Select the airport. If you want to park at Edinburgh airport then select Edinburgh airport
  3. Fill in the required information such as drop-off date and time, pick-up date and time. Add promo code and search for parking
  4. All Edinburgh parking options will be displayed. Edinburgh park and ride, meet and greet
  5. Select the parking which suits you well whether that close to the terminal or the cheapest one.
  6. Click on the “Book Now” button.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email. When you arrive at the airport show this confirmation slip at the terminal entrance. If you book your parking at Edinburgh terminal 1 parking then park your car at the booked location. The chauffeur will park your car if you booked a meet and greet parking service but if you booked a park and ride parking then you will park your car on your own.