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Birmingham Airport Park and Ride Parking

Travel Airport Plus provide reasonable parking services at Birmingham airport park and ride. Airport park and ride Birmingham parking allow you to keep your car keys with you. Because some people don’t want to give their car keys to chauffeur so there is no need to worry we provide hassle-free park and ride Birmingham airport parking

Cheap park and ride parking at Birmingham airport

Are you looking for cheap parking at Birmingham airport? The cheap park and ride parking at Birmingham airport is the best option for you. The main thing you need to know about park and ride parking is that it offers at cheaper rates because it is located far away from the terminal. You will jump to the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus transfers you to the main terminal in 8 to 10 minutes. A shuttle bus provides a comfortable and relaxing journey from parking to the terminal. Make sure to book in advance. Being so close to the busy city of Birmingham may cause a lot of traffic problems during the day. Advance booking helps you to avoid disappointments because sometimes spaces become full and no space is available at that time. We offer parking from the airport itself or trusted operators so book parking with full peace of mind and whatever package you book, your car will be in good hands. Travel Airport Plus also provides valet parking at cheaper rates. 

Reasons to Book With Us

We care about the trust you put in us to take care of your car while you are away. We will do our level best to find the best solution to our customer's problems. We will answer your concerns as soon as possible. Security is our main concern so we placed CCTV cameras at each parking lot. CCTV cameras monitor the parking area activities. Your call will be driven from the sheltered location. The camera records the current condition of the vehicle to ensure that it must be the same at the departure time.

Facilities at Airport Park and Ride Birmingham

Our aim is to give convenience to our customers at airport park and ride Birmingham. We provide all the necessary facilities at lower rates at airport park and ride Birmingham parking. 

Birmingham airport has comfortable and relaxing lounges which can be booked at cheaper rates with Travel Airport Plus.  

Shops and cafes are also located nearby the parking lot. Separate prayer rooms are available. Hotel rooms are also available if your flight becomes late due to any reason you can book a room in the hotel and stay there before your flight. 

Free wifi services are also available for 30 minutes. Birmingham airport park and ride provide play areas for kids, shops for shopping, bars, and restaurants for fresh and tasty food, spa and parlor services for relaxation, etc.  

Steps to Book Park and Ride Birmingham Parking With Travel Airport Plus

Travel Airport Plus provides a user-friendly interface for our customers. Each and every button gives proper guidance to the user. Simply go to the Travel Airport Pluswebsite enter the required information such as enter pick up date and time, drop off date and time. Select the right park and ride Birmingham parking option from the drop-down menu. All the available slots will be displayed in front of you. Select the parking slot which suits you most and click on the ‘Book Now’ button. You will receive the confirmation email after booking. The confirmation email includes the details of your booking. You will show this email at the airport terminal. Book now and enjoy your amazing journey with a Travel Airport Plus.