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Belfast Airport Parking

Belfast Airport Parking

Belfast is also known as an International Airport, located in the northwest of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is the busiest airport in Ireland and the 10th busiest airport in the United kingdom by passenger traffic in 2020. Travel Airport Plus will provide you the cost-effective and stress-free secured airport parking at Belfast airport. We provide a range of secured car parking options, which you can avail yourself of the best price match at Belfast airport. Compare car parking prices at Belfast airport with travel airport plus. We offer the booking of multiple car parking services on a single platform. The parking services you can book with us are Meet and Greet, Park and Ride, Short Term and Long Term parking. Book your parking lot today and get the cheapest price deals on our trustable service.

Our Parking Service at Belfast Airport Parking

Travel Airport Plus provides cheap and reasonable prices for all parking services. Travel airport plus does not compromise the security policies on your car and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfills our security policies. The parking services you can book with us are as follows:


Belfast Meet And Greet Parking

If you are in a hurry and don't want to waste your time then you can avail yourself of the meet and greet service at Belfast airport. Reach the terminal and call the expert driver. The driver will meet you at the terminal and park your car at your booked parking lot. The driver is well trained and will take care of your car. We will organize everything for you and get your keys back once you are done on the trip. Travel Airport Plus gives you the most convenient and stress-free Meet and Greet service for your business trip or holiday trip.  Pre-book in advance, save your money and take the hassles out of your journey.

Belfast Park AND Ride Parking

If you don't want to share your keys with the driver then you can use the park and ride service. You can drive yourself to the booked location and take the keys with you. Your car will be monitored under the supervision of a security surveillance system and parking operators until you get back from your journey. Travel Airport Plus will provide you with cheap parking packages, also we are working with a trustable airport parking service provider, and they have a 24/7 security surveillance system so you can enjoy your journey knowing your car is under the protection.

Belfast On Airport Parking

With an On-Airport parking service, you can park your car at the nearest terminal and get to the terminal by walking. You can park your vehicle there if you are in trouble or avoid the hassle of the Belfast Airport to reach the terminal within a minute. On Airport parking is suitable for those people who are wanting to keep their car keys with them. Also with On-Airport parking, you don't rely on the driver, chauffeur, or any other third-party service provider. The terminals are usually a walking distance away from your parking place where you can get to the airport within a minute.

Belfast International Address

4 Ballysessy Close, Glenavy, Crumlin, Antrim, Belfast BT29 4AB

Belfast Airport Direction

Belfast Airport is effectively available from an interlink of motorways (the M1 and M2). Drive of Junction 5, if traveling along the M2 and Junction 9, if traveling along with the M1.

  • To the East takes the A57 west towards the airport terminal. At the Roundabout head straight and proceed towards the airport terminal. 
  • To the North or South take the A26 until the Roundabout takes the exit for the Airport Terminals onto the A57. 
  • Drive into the Airport Entrance.

Belfast Short Term Parking

Belfast short-term parking is the ideal parking for those passengers who are traveling for a short time. If you are looking for cheap and short-stay parking then you can book our meet and greet service. Simply drive the car to the terminal and met with our expert driver. They will park your car safely and take care of your luggage. Also, you can avail yourself of a park and ride service for a short stay. Book your car park today and get a cheap price deal on Travel Airport Plus.

Belfast LongTerm Parking

Belfast long-stay parking is the most cost-effective for long journeys, long stays, and those leaving Belfast city airport for 1 week or more. Pre-book in advance and take the hassles out of your journey. For longer stays, it is your cheapest and nearest option.